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General Servicing, General Repairs, MOT Testing

General Servicing
At Powdrake Servicentre we specialise our services at servicing your car regardless of make, model or indeed age. With our well-trained and experienced staff and the strength of the Unipart spares and components delivery distribution chain we offer a standard of service that we are extremely proud.

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General Repairs   Top
If you are unfortunate enough to need an emergency repair on your vehicle we can usually source the parts needed and have you back on the road very quickly using the Unipart distribution system. If the repair is not urgent we will ensure that we have the necessary parts in stock prior to the vehicles arrival, minimising all foreseen delays for your convenience.

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MOT Testing   Top
The Powdrake Servicentre has for many years been offering the service to our customers of MOT Testing.

The MOT scheme is road safety measure to help ensure that vehicles are:

  1. Properly maintained.
  2. Examined annually to check that they comply with certain legal requirements.

The MOT test applies to cars, light vans and small trucks that are three years old and over on an annual basis.

An authorised MOT tester using approved equipment must carry out the examination.

The test certificate, when issued relates only to the condition and performance of the vehicle of the testable items at the time of the test. The MOT test certificate is not evidence of the condition of the car at any other time, nor is it evidence of the general mechanical condition of the car.

The MOT test will examine the condition of most elements of your vehicle, including;

  • Lighting
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Wheels and Tyres
  • Seat Belts
  • General items - Horn, Exhaust, Emission, Mirrors, Number Plates, Fuel System Windscreen, Seat and Door Security etc.

You may submit your vehicle up to one calendar month before the test is due, i.e. your expiry date on the MOT certificate. This includes vehicles at three years old requiring their first MOT test, the expiry date is three years from the date of registration, as shown on your VT5.

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